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Kirtan Kriya Meditation – no more brain fog!

Kirtan Kriyan finger taps
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Quote of the Month

“The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.” -Omar Suleiman

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Ban Toxic People

Toxic gets overused a lot these days, so let’s be clear about what what I mean.

Some people are annoying, difficult, demanding and just unpleasant but that doesn’t mean they are toxic. A toxic person will manipulate you, blame you, belittle you, pressure you and be unsupportive. In the end you are the one who should decide who you want to cut out of your life and who you just want to create distance from. If you feel like you have a toxic person in your life check out the article below on 7 tips to eliminate them from your life.

toxic people
how to get rid of a toxic person
7 tips for eliminating a toxic person from your life

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