Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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Why raise your vibration

So why do we want to raise our vibration anyway Jenn? Well, because the higher your vibration the more peaceful your life is. Who doesn’t want a peaceful life!?! You know your vibration is running pretty high when life is feeling pretty darn good regardless of the “issues” going on; if you are out of work, not dating or have gained a few pounds. That’s because you are vibing so high that your subconscious knows whatever is missing in your life right now will fall in place in divine timing.

Low Vibration

You know you are vibing low when things seems hectic or those things lacking in your life are stressing you out. You find yourself trying to control the situation, overthinking about it and it causes you anxiety. You notice your energy is low, you are sleeping later than usual. Problem after problem keep arising, you feel like you cannot catch a break. You are bitter, resentful or jealous of others around you. You feel stuck and depressed. It’s easy to get out of that low vibrational state as long as you are aware you are in it.

Ways to raise your Vibration

Raising your vibration doesn’t have to be difficult, there are some simple things you can do like;

• Social media detox – if you think about how many times you’re scrolling and you say “ugh” to a post that lowers your vibration. Anything that makes you feel any negative feelings lowers your vibration. So, if you are getting annoyed with people’s posts lately, it’s time for a break.

• Laugh – You don’t have to be around people to laugh, watching a funny sitcom or listening to some comedy videos will do the trick. When you are laughing, you are worrying less thus keeping your vibration high or even raising it even higher.

• Exercise – I know, yuck, (haha) well at first … our vibration probably lowers a little for the first 5 minutes but then you start to feel proud you started and up it goes. Then when you finish you feel good you finished and up it goes a little more!

• Ban complaining – when you complain you put those negative thoughts into the Universe and the Universe picks up on them and thinks that’s what you want. So guess what? You get more of that in your life. They run off of vibration not negative/positive words. For example if you complain “I will never find a job” the Universe says ok! We won’t make you find a job. But if you say “When the timing is right, I will find the perfect job for me”. The Universe conspires to get that job available and put it in front of you during your job search.

• Be the example – don’t just preach good things, do them. This will put you all in your feels but that’s ok because when you feel good about being kind, showing love and making someone happy you are getting a bookoo vibrational frequency increase. That old saying “do good things and good things come back to you” , is oh so very true.

Law of Attraction , Rise your vibration
Higher Vibration results in better connection

When you are at a high vibrational state you have the ability to connect to the Universe at a higher level. You become true to yourself and what you desire and are able to manifest those things you want into your life. Your vibration can really impact how successful you are at manifesting your desires.

Benefits of raising your vibration

When you are vibing at a high frequency you are compassionate, you are able to forgive yourself and others easily. You have more love inside you and that projects out and brings more loving people into your life. You feel grateful for the little things in life and feel empathy for those who do not have the access to those little things you do thus come up with ways to help your community. You get a sense of creativity and explore subjects that make your heart sing. You have a great sense of humor and don’t take yourself or live too seriously. You make an effort to take better care of yourself. You are patient, kind and open to different perspectives. The list goes on and on.

ways to raise your vibration, law of attraction
Living in the Love Vibration

In conclusion, if you are into being happy for no reason or receiving little blessings randomly then it may be worth evaluating how you have been living your life. Decide today to stop gossiping, to stop being negative when things go wrong, to work through your feelings instead of bottling them up, to stop being argumentative and start being present and grateful for all that is in front of you right now.

Angel Insight

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