A Single Woman’s perspective on Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine’s Day

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this, after all I have been single for 10 years. At first I despised the holiday and everyone knew it. I thought it was ridiculous that couples only showed each other love for one another only once a year. Boy, you better get me flowers and gifts more than once a year! (I clearly have high expectations) Then as the years passed, I choose to take a different perspective on the holiday. It’s a love day, a day to show love, it is not a “couples only” holiday, we can show love to whomever we want, including ourselves.

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples.

Single on Valentine’s Day
Love of Life

As a way to celebrate love, I have done a few of these things below over the past years.

  • Send cards to those who really love Valentine’s Day
  • Buy chocolates for your children
  • Buy yourself some jewelry (after all there are sales happening so what a better time)
  • Have a movie date night with yourself, order food and have ice cream for later (or ice cream for dinner)
  • Hangout with other single friends
  • Spa night in; wine, facemask, pedicure/manicure and magazines
  • Buy flowers and chocolate for yourself. I love roses and usually get them and chocolates the day after V-day. Hey it’s 50% off, can you blame me?
Single on Valentine’s Day
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Why the change in heart? (No pun intended) Because we attract what we are and I want love in my life, and I choose to see with love, therefore, I need to embrace it and celebrate it.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of Love.

By putting into the Universe that I dislike a holiday filled with love speaks volumes, don’t you think? I don’t necessarily mean I want romantic love (I mean, I do want it, who doesn’t, but I am in no rush), but I do want loving people in my life.

This Valentine’s Day, I welcome more loving people into my life.

I am grateful for the amount of loving people I have in my life (hey, that’s a great affirmation for you), and I welcome more loving people in my life (hey there’s another affirmation). It is better than having negative, back-stabbing people in your life right?

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate a different kind of Love.

Choosing to see and be love yourself breeds kindness and that should be celebrated regardless of our relationship status.

Get out there and love, and do it your own way. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is another great article that aligns with my perspective. Click the picture below.

Single on Valentine’s Day
Celebrating different kinds of Love on Valentine’s Day
“Celebrate Valentine’s Day your way!”
Valentine’s Day reading

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