Meditation Challenge, Accepted!

Mediation Challenge

Earlier this month I was re reading a book, The Universe Has Your Back by G. Bernstein, and came across this meditation, Kirtan Kriya. It is a mediation that you sing along with it and tap your fingers. I thought, that is something I could do, sitting in silence and not moving is hard! I went on the wonderful world net and did some research, come to find out this mediation was done in several studies and was proven to help people think better. As a person with ADHD my mind goes a mile a minute so reading that just motivated me more to try it, anything to help calm my thoughts. It was also proven to sharpen attention and focus, increase energy levels and, in the long term, ward off Alzheimer’s disease. I posted this on my website and invited people to take the 21 day challenge with me.

Here is my progress so far; Day 2, I honestly didn’t want to do it but as soon as I started I felt happy because the music is upbeat. As I was singing a lot I noticed my voice needed some work and I found myself smiling. It’s only about 11 minutes long so after I was ready to tackle some projects.

Day 4, I have noticed that I feel like I’m working my diaphragm, seems silly to think that but I noticed. This means that my breathing is doing it’s thang, circulating clean oxygen throughout my body. Hence the burst of energy after.

Day 8, I find myself singing the mantra throughout the day when I feel like I need to stop my mind from racing.

Day 11, I didn’t meditate yesterday and was such a scatter brain so I’m seeing the difference between doing the mediation and not. While singing the mediation I do notice that I still think of other things, we are multitaskers after all, and it’s hard to change that habit. It will take practice. I’ve had to reign my thoughts in several times and stop myself from leaving the meditation to write down my ideas. This is helping me practice patience for sure. I do journal after to write down all my ideas and to dos.

Day 14, It seems I’ve started doing this every other day, it’s only 11 minutes but I feel like I should be doing a million other things. I know deep down that humans behave this way because that is how we were conditioned to think, we have to go go go in order to accomplish anything. I feel like the lesson here is discipline and patience! In order to recondition the mind to work better we must exercise it. I’m still having to rein my thoughts in but I’m aware that it mostly happens when I’m singing out loud. I’m also aware of other things I wasn’t aware of before, like stinky morning breath, haha.

One more week left of the challenge, stay tuned!

Day 21!!! I made it, it actually took some discipline because I tend to lose interest in things quickly. So this is a proud moment for me. The last week I did it without the video, I found doing it this way allowed me to focus only on the mantra, when I listened to the mantra through the video my mind was still able to wonder. I also switched up saying the mantra, out loud, whispering, and silently; as I saw fit. I felt like it was like a memory game and an exercise for the mind. That seemed to help me feel like 11 minutes wasn’t so long.

To conclude, I will keep doing this meditation. Most likely not every day but I’ll definitely keep it in my rotation. I feel sharper when I do it and the studies of the long term benefits are worth it to me.

Blessings and love from above, Jenn

Kirtan Kriya Meditation

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