Releasing Fear of the unknown in 5 easy steps


1. Acknowledge the feeling by recognizing you feel anxious and why

2. Put music on and do something (I clean something in the house) – you will still think about it but less intense so say “I release the fear of the unknown, I am safe” as often as you need to.

3. Take action – ideas of creating certainty will pop into your head. Do them. By taking action you are not leaving your fate in the hands of one person/entity.

4. After you take action, journal your feelings from how you felt in the beginning to how you feel now after the steps

5. Smile and be grateful the anxiety has disappeared. (I do this by sitting in silence and saying “everything is always working out for me, thank you Universe for always having my back”)

What will Releasing Fears do for you?

We all have fears, especially of the unknown; what if that happens? What if this happens? What if that doesn’t happen? It drives us crazy and leaves us feeling anxious, agitated and unsettled. Next thing you know our whole day is ruined because of all the worrying.

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Mindfully releasing these fears will allow us to be present in our day. It is okay to acknowledge the fear but if we hold on to it we are putting that energy into the Universe, hence why most of you probably say “I knew it!” when it comes to fruition. That is because you put all your energy into it that the Universe thought you wanted that. After acknowledging the fear, turn it around with a positive affirmation and visualize the positive outcome. This will put the new energy out to the Universe and even though things might not turn out how you visualized, it most defiantly will be better than what you were worrying would happen.

Releasing this fear, removes the negative energy you hold with the thoughts. When you increase your positive energy you increase your abundance. An increase in abundance creates a happy and peaceful life.

Releasing fear also enables you to think objectively and allow solutions to come to your mind. Taking action towards what we are fearful of promotes courage and self esteem. It also restores some sense of control, we may not be able to control the outcome on the other side but we can do something to move towards an alternative positive outcome. Then you will get you at least one positive outcome, which will allow you to better deal with whatever outcome happens.

release fear get abundance

Release that Fear

When you understand not everything is in our control you will adapt to releasing your fears more quickly. Step into your power, you may not be able to control the outcome but you can defiantly control how it makes you feel and affects your day. Don’t feed that fear.

Need Help Releasing Fear?

I am here for you, please if you just don’t understand how to do this; click the picture below and follow the link to send me a message.

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