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Welcome to Tarot Therapy

Add more joy and peace to your life. Abundance is your birthright, everything else is your choice.

Intuitive Readings by Jenn

Guidance with teh Angels through tarot card readings

Coaching for a happier, more fulfilling life. Done with the Angel tarot card readings. Through my services I will help you release your anxieties, raise your vibration and live an abundant life.

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October Fun! Have a zoom party and connect with loved ones who’ve passed away

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Are you Asking Yourself:

Am I on the right path?

Why am I so worried about finding love?

Is this the right career for me?

Why can’t I love myself?

If so, you could benefit from Tarot Therapy, the Angels WANT to help it is up to you to allow them.


Sometimes we just want to know if we are making the right decisions, if we are on the right path or how to get on the right path. If the questions above sound like you, check out my services.

Meet Jenn

We all have a Divine Purpose in this world, something we were born to do, this is mine. To learn more about me, click the button below.


~ Dalai Lama